Sidmans is a Chicago-based firm providing professional services specialized in IT (Information Technology). Established in 2009, Sidmans has had tremendous success with many clients and diverse consultative services.

Whether it is to design an award-winning E-Commerce application or to provide a "best practice" based management team, Sidmans is a recognized leader.

Sidmans is based on 7 core values: honesty, fairness, trust, quality, teamwork, dignity, and FUN! These values are the driving force behind our business. The founders have been in the information processing industry for over 25 years. They have had successful careers both in and out of consulting.

Our objective is to provide quality service to our customers with a "customer first" premise. It allows us to deliver:

  • Quality through professionals
  • The right fit at the first time
  • Finished projects that are on time and within budget

Another factor contributing to Sidmans’ success is our people. Our staff is motivated by our respect and fair treatment of them, resulting in a unified team approach.

About us

We are a 12-year-old IT firm with a record of delivering IT projects on time and within budget. Our workforce is composed of full-time, professional IT employees. Our average employee is:

  • 30 years of age
  • With 5 - 10 years of experience
  • A long-term/loyal employee
  • With a diverse technical background
  • In or has been in various business settings
  • An accomplished IT professional
  • A consummate leader

Our team has significant certifications, allowing Sidmans to support a wide range of clients and their IT needs.